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Streaming Music Television is the #1 streaming music television network.

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There was once a time when radio & print media dominated the music industry's consumer influence until MTV launched a music video revolution on cable tv in 1981...

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Fast forward to 2005, with the birth of a high-speed tech era in which YouTube put a huge dent in MTV's traffic. From our inbox to wall posts, we all loved the ability to discover cool new videos by artists around the world at the drop of a dime.



Now turning a page to the year 2018, we've created technology that combines the most successful social media powerhouses so their users and music lovers (USA & International) can watch Streaming Music Television 24/7 with friends online or mobile on the go.




Viewers can now watch Streaming Music Television on StreamingMusicTV.com, from your android & IOS app during Phase II, on Apple TV, Google TV, PlayStation, and Xbox during Phase III.

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Before you start watching the new programs, you'll need to sign-in with a viewer account.



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